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Okay. You're strawmanning me with this race stuff and acting like I'm in the KKK. I'm not white enough.The conversation about police brutality has been going on for decades outside of football. Since you keep bringing it up, I'll poke some holes thru your theory. Colin's particular claim isn't based on reality these days and it's race baiting. Statistics don't support what he's saying. I'm sure that blacks committing the majority of the murders/robberies in the US per year and perpetuating that "resist the cops" mentality have something to do with the frequency of police interactions and escalation of those interactions.

"In shootings in these 10 cities involving officers, officers were more likely to fire their weapons without having first been attacked when the suspects were white."

I wonder if you work for Al Sharpton or something.


There's a ton of reasons why those idiots are "taking a knee" since he started sitting/kneeling later on. It's not about a specific issue. It's disrespectful of a millionaire football player to virtue signal during the national anthem at football games for any reason. 

That fact that you think people should care about a song more that people's life is astonishing.   The fact that you think that black should shut up because whites have weapons drawn on them too is mindblowing. 

This isn't going away as you can see.  Those who value their lives will continue to do so and you will not be successful in convincing us to lay down and die. 

Your arguments don't aren't moving because it doesn't address the issue.  You don't even see what the issue is.  You think it's about football or Kaepernick or the 'left'.  You think that white lose of life somehow remedies black loss of life. Like either are justified. 

I thought you were racist but actually you are just lost. The debate may be decades long but it will go on for a century if that is what it takes to resolve it or give it the attention that it deserves. 

Stop playing the victim with this strawmanning shit. I treat any person as an equal but I also expect any person to act in a equal manner. I don't care for hypocrites. You expect me to cry a river over police being rough when blacks commit the majority of the murders in the US and it's against their own.

Blacks commited 52.2% of all murders in 2013.


In one offender to one victim murders, 2245 out of 2491 blacks murdered in 2013 were killed by another black person. I tried to find a total instead of 1 to 1 on fbi site but couldn't.

They won't even address this or talk about it. That tells me that the black community doesn't care about black lives or improving their communities when it really comes down to it. When a black person is killed/murdered, does it only matter when it's done by a cop? To me, any person killed or murdered matters regardless of how it's done. Statistics matter especially in this context. Blaming whitey or cops is just another case of the boy crying wolf.


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