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Not at the gym or anything like that, I find that completely useless. For example, every morning I pass by a gym on my way to work, two in fact, and there are a couple of people in there walking on a treadmill. Slowly. I really don’t get this. I mean, why not just walk to work?

Anyway I do walk a lot myself, from april to oktober around once a week, averaging about 20-25 kilometers. In autumn and winter it’s not really consistant due to weather and there’s less possibilities for where to go. My speed’s a bit over 6 per hour on average, faster when the walk’s shorter obviously. The main event each year is a well known 4-day walk here in the Netherlands which is 200 kilometers long. This was a bit over a month ago. About 46,000 people participate from all over the world, including about 6,000 military. Then finally every once in a while I do a long distance walk. Last time was two years ago but coincidentally I’m doing another one this weekend. It’s 80 kilometers in max 20 hours. These longer walks are all organised by foundations or walking-clubs, there would be no way I’d be able to bring enough food and water to last this long.