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thismeintiel said:
Got to laugh at the cherry picking. Just like people like to use the strawman that people are saying TLJ was a flop. No one said that. It was a big disappointment. It made much less than it was projected to make, was beaten easily by a Marvel standalone film, and lead to a steep decrease in franchise sales, including the first ever SW flop, Solo.

Seems like the DVD sales will be no different. Last we heard, TLJ's home video sales are about half that of TFA. They state that the others are WAY behind, but not only is BP only 390K behind it, BP released to home video almost two months after TLJ did. Oh, and let's not wait til IW and JW2 numbers come in before we claim victory. In the end, TLJ probably won't even be in the Top 3 by the time the year is over. Pathetic for a main installment in the franchise.

Disney laughs in money