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Hiku said:
thismeintiel said:
Got to laugh at the cherry picking. Just like people like to use the strawman that people are saying TLJ was a flop. No one said that. It was a big disappointment. It made much less than it was projected to make, was beaten easily by a Marvel standalone film, and lead to a steep decrease in franchise sales, including the first ever SW flop, Solo.

I don't know why people insist on crediting Solo's fate to TLJ. Solo was a (almost entierly) pointless story. It was the first Star Wars film I didn't go to see in the cinemas, and it had 0 to do with TLJ.

It's pretty simple really. When thousands of fans say that TLJ killed the franchise for them, of course that's going to affect future entries into the franchise. Even with all the crap surrounding Solo, it should have easily broken even. Instead it flopped. A franchise first.