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Slownenberg said:
S.Peelman said:
Funny that Wii was the first and so far only console (and DS) to have reached 10 10 million sellers. Right now it doesn’t really seem like it’s really a whole lot.

PS4 has a decent chance to surpass that.

But when you realize that the only reason PS4 will do it is because of two franchises that have yearly games that people buy over and over it makes a lot more sense. PS4 would only have two 10 million sellers right now 5 years into its life if it weren't for Fifa and CoD and we wouldn't be talking about PS4 getting near 10. PS4 will beat the Wii's ten 10 million sellers for the simple fact that two companies have figured out how to mass sell yearly updates to a user base, and its the first time that has happened in the video game industry, as those two yearly franchises will probably account for 6 to 8 of the PS4's 10 million sellers. Good on them for somehow doing that and not having gamers just be sick of the same game every year, that has never been accomplished before and those two franchises have made PS4 a powerhouse.

I mean I wouldn't really say it is a first time in history. I love Nintendo but heck they have been doing this with Pokemon since 1996 for example. Now THAT is INSANE because the games have not evolved THAT much since 1996 yet we STILL but them lol well I do because I am a Pokemon fan. Granted not yearly but still crazy none the less lol. And I ama lso pretty sure the COD/FIFA sales were pretty similar in the 360/PS4 generation at least I think so anyway..

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