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Miyamotoo said:
HintHRO said:
You counted them all? :)


PS4 and Xbox One ain't that far ahead, with 1813 and 1718 respectively

dx11332sega said: 
I never knew Wii u was that low only the virtual boy can be lower ?

Actually, the Gameboy Color only gets to a grand total of 581 games

There are many more games releasing than did 30 years ago. For instance, the Sega Master System only got up to 381 games - and that's with games later developed/ported in Brazil when the console was phased out everywhere else already. The NES, despite it's over 10 year long career, barely breaks the 700 with 714 and thus still less than the Wii U. The number of releases increased a lot later on, for instance both Megadrive (Genesis for Americans) and the SNES get over 1000 games each.

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