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Probably it will, but at least half of them are going to be Call of Duty and Fifa so its kinda meh, breaking the 10 million seller record will be a nice achievement but not all that interesting really since people just keep buying the same two games every single year. It's like talking about a nintendo portable having a bunch of 10 million sellers and then being like oh well half of them are pokemon. It is impressive that EA and Activision (especially EA) has convinced people to buy the same game every year, and very impressive that they have been able to so cultivate the sony audience to just loyally pick up the same game every year. But not that interesting from a sales perspective. For comparison, Wii's 10 million sellers were two combination sports games, a racing game, a mini-game compilation, a 2D platformer, two fitness games, a fighting game, a 3D platformer, and a dancing game. Sure they almost all from the Mario franchise or Wii-series of games, but PS4 is just gonna be gta, cod, fifa, cod, fifa, cod, fifa, another action shooter game, cod, another action shooter game.