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According to VGChartz, the console with most 10 million sellers right now is the Nintendo Wii, with 10 games. But can the PS4 breake it? Right now, here are the PS4 games that have sold more than 10 million:

1. GTA 5 (18.33 million)

2. COD Black Ops 3 (15.06 million)

3. COD WWII (13.01 million)

4. FIFA 18 (11.59 million)

5. FIFA 17 (10.93 million)

6. Uncharted 4 (10.07 million)


There are a lot of games coming in the next years that can sell 10 million or more, 3 or 4 of them are being released this year:


1. Spiderman (there is a lot of hype on this game. It can sell more than 10 in his lifetime)

2. Black Ops 4 (even if COD games sales are declining, it is still a game with a large fanbase)

3. Red Dead Redemption 2 (huge hype around this game. Probably will sell more than 10 million in his lifetime).

4. FIFA 19 (the last 2 FIFAs have sound more than 10 million each. I think this one is going to sell a lot too).


And we also have more games in the next years, like the next cod, the next fifa, the last of us 2 and maybe even a new gta.

So, do you guys  think that PS4 will have more 10 million sellers than any other console in history?