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Conina said:
potato_hamster said:

The 3G model was for playing vita games  in online multiplayer on the go, and little more. This is clearly obvious. Just ask KBG, he actually tried to use that thing as a phone.

A small correction: the 3G model wasn't intended for online multiplayer games... you needed Wi-Fi for that in most cases. Only a few games offered online multiplayer via 3G.

3G was mainly used for non-gaming stuff (internet browser, E-mail, GPS navigation,...) and for cloud syncing savegames.

Fair enough. That's not exactly an iPhone killer though, and that was my point. You can't send text messages, you can only call people using Skype. It's got some basic PDA functionality compared to a Vita. Let's not pretend that Sony made this thing to take sales away from Apple and Android phone makers (of which Sony themselves are one).

Last edited by potato_hamster - on 05 September 2018