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Smartie900 said:
I'm not sure who Sony could market a PlayStation phone to besides people who own a PlayStation console. People who want a gaming phone can just buy anything that Razer sells. People who want a traditional smart phone will most likely turn to Apple or Samsung. People who own a PlayStation might buy the phone, but it would have to be cheap enough to warrant the purchase. If they want it to sell, they'd have to half ass the phone to make it around $500 which would then just lead to bad word of mouth. I think they should wait a couple of years before attempting this concept.

A $500 PlayStation Phone would be much more advanced than anything else on the market. Smartphones are not $800 - $1,000 products. They are ~$300 devices that are sold at massive mark ups.

That is not the business model PlayStation runs on. Sony sells PlayStation products at close to break even. PS4 was about $380 at launch, and sold at retail for $400.

A PlayStation Phone would definitly have a limited market, just as a PlayStation Console does. I don't think anyone denies that. Sony is only playing to the 100 Million gamers out there that buy Home Consoles and Handhelds, no the 600 Million that use Windows, or the 1.3 Million on iOS and MAC, or the 2 Billiion on Android.

With a properly done PlayStation Phone, it would have a shared library with the home console, making it the only place with all current AAA 3rd Party and SIEWWS games. A Phone that allows you to play GTA, Madden, Call of Duty, Gran Tusimo, and compete with your friends on all PlayStation platforms, would offer something completely different than Razor, Apple, Samsung and the rest. 

I agree that they have to wait a few years though. They need at least a 7nm if not 7nm+ AMD SOC, M.2 Storage, HBM RAM, a Solid State Battery, and 5G to make it work. 

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