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Mnementh said:
xMetroid said:

Probably the last week Switch will win before later this year but tbh i wasn't expecting (as credible as these numbers are) 5 weeks on top.
This isn't boost from any release tho, PS4 is the one getting new games that week. Switch momentum is just increasing on it's own.

Yeah, that's incredible. This shouldn't be Octopath anymore, should it? Maybe Octopath changed the perception of Switch getting only ports and additional new infos regarding Smash and a flood of Indies vitalizing Switch momentum.

I think it's the combination of all the titles released from mid-June to mid-July giving it added momentum.

Fortnite, Paladins, Hollow Knight, Minecraft (retail), Mario Tennis, Lego Incredibles, Crash Bandicoot, Wolfenstein, Ys, Shining Resonance, Captain Toad, Octopath Traveler all released in like a 5 week window, that's a pretty diverse lineup that can appeal to multiple different demographics.

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