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The highlights of the eshop for me so far are:


Freedom Planet, which I'll keep buying as many times as you want Galaxy Trail.

Hollow Knight

Iconoclasts, really charming metroidvania, the humor reminds me a lot of Paper Mario, the visuals and boss battle focus remind me a lot of Mischief Makers, which is always an easy way to get into my heart.

Shovel Knight

The Messenger, what I have played from it, is turning out to be a really special game.

Yoku's Island Express, an excellent mix of metroidvania and pinball, beautiful art and music and pretty nice story. Even if you are not big on pinball (like me) is really accessible.


Of course there is also a lot of other really good games like Wonder Boy, Ikaruga, Crossing Souls, etc. But I think the ones I listed are the must have titles from the store.