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Megiddo said:
Mbolibombo said:

With Pro stock issues I find it very hard to believe it's going to pull off a 90k increase.

Not sure what you're referring to. The pro stock issues was last month. For August the pro reappeared on Gamestop, Best Buy, and even occasionally on Amazon. You should check out the NPD predicting tool to get a grasp of the recent data as you seem to be a month behind.

It had stock issues in august as well just not for the entire month is what I am refering to, the NPD tool has been quite accurate in determing the winner so far, but there are flaws in how it works and this month in particular where there showed up quite many new SKUs is obviously going to skew the predicted number.

I think it's going to be close between NSW and PS4, insiders on era has hinted about the Switch winning August as well and I cant see both systems being close to 270k. I'm think Ryng Tolus 200k+ units is a solid guess. Maybe a bit more.. but it would surprise me big time if it was that high.