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Miyamotoo said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
I said is possible, and your points don't change the fact that it's just a prediction. You acknowledge that's what it is, so perhaps you don't realize that the word means other possibilitys are possible. It's not what will happen, but what could, thus other things could happen instead.

I never said thats a fact, but its most likely scenario and I wrote strong points behind that claim, and offcourse that other possibilitys are possible. But with what I totaly disagree with you is your claim "within two weeks is possible, as is anytime really", because again I gave very strong point why most likly we will have direct in next two weeks, on other hand you basing your claim on what exatly?

You acknowledge that there are other possibilitys, but disagree that there are other possibilitys. You can't do both mate. I said that based on there being other possibilitys obviously. People are always predicting directs at almost any given time and coming up with reasons for them, heck even I kinda did in that very same post.