Spindel said:
Wyrdness said:

Much like you can talk make believe about flops that never were as well.

In Ka-pis defense Europe (well western europe at least) was Comodore, Amstrad, Sinclair and atari home computer land in the 80ies. Ataris home console crash never really affected europe since the 2600 wasn’t that big of a thing here. So he’s right that the home console crash was mainly a US thing.

And compared to home computers like C64 the NES was fighting an uphill battle.

Home computers aren't strictly gaming platforms (a fair amount were used in schools and such) that's the thing each one isn't purchased for gaming as per say like consoles as a number are purchased for non gaming tasks plus those sold in the region of 3-5m which if NES' 8m is a flop then under the same logic makes those far more of a flop or non existent can't have it both ways as either way NES was the most successful platform at the time compared to all those before it which defeats the notion of it flopping as it outsold all other platforms quite handily.

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