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vivster said:
TomaTito said:

Talking about Japan, have you been to the Kirby Cafe?
Going to Korea this winter, and apart from many other ones I am thinking of passing by the One Piece Cafe at Seoul.

Either way, you can still enlighten us Switchers with a cool PC indie we might see in 6 months time.

I haven't been to any special cafe but I have seen lots of them from the outside. Which reminds me I still owe this forum an expansive thread about my trip.

The best indie games I played recently are all already on the Switch. Rocket League, Stardew Valley and Battle Chasers are really great games I can recommend.

There are 2 amazing indies that for some reason are not yet on the Switch.


A fast paced dungeon crawler rogue lite fantasy FPS. A myriad of different classes, wands and abilities that make every run unique. Incredibly fun and one of the best FPS of all time.

Slime Rancher

A simplistic but very fun ranch simulator based on slimes and their produce. It gets incredibly deep in the end game and easily offers 50+ hours of fun. If you like farming games like Stardew Valley and colorful 3D environments this is the game for you.

I have both of those games, and can agree that they'd be great on Switch, except... I thought Ziggurat *was* on Switch already, though. Oh, I guess I was thinking of the Wii U...

My little one loves playing Slime Rancher. She gets a little afraid whenever tarr slimes form (the music that plays doesn't help), but she's managed to make it quite far on her own (she's four).