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OOOoo tagging this for later, loving some indie action on the Switch, I just finished Night in the Woods last night, was a fantastic story, not... really a massive ton of gameplay, well.... you obviously play through a story but there is no combat to speak of it's more exploring a town... a story and a damaged main character who just wants to curl up in a ball and have the world stay the way they remember it being as a kid.

Also didn't notice until the credits rolled too, but it was a kickstarter game! Always impressed to see those turn from a collection of peoples cash into an actual piece of playable and enjoyable software.

Great game for the Switch too to play in evening sessions, as the game is broken into days so what I found myself doing was playing through a day/night of it each evening before bed, really cool story based game, but I would advise avoiding reading about the story before playing it as obviously you might spoil certain aspects of the game.

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