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John2290 said:
Zkuq said:
It's FREE as long as you pay $60 a year, as long as you want to play the game. But then again, the movies on Netflix are free too, I suppose.

I'm not *usually* the guy to point this out, but there was a bit of an EMPHASIS on FREE so I couldn't RESIST.

I payed 25 euro for it last year while it was on sale and I have it for the next 6 moths for 15 euro. There are many reasons one would buy PS+ that has nothing to do with getting the freebies. Personally I buy and pay for it so I'll always have the option to go online if I want but I stay paying it for the discounts and the freebies.

Last years haul of games on it were 800 euro as they say on the the ps+ page and I dove into a good chunk of them with a few in my library ready for a lazy day. Not bad for 25 euro however it's the discounts that payed the subscription four or five times on games I would have bought anyway, it's always a bitch buying VR games on the other region stores only to see there is a discount and not having the ability to take advantage of it. 

The service not only pays for itself but if you buy a good chunks of games in a given year and you don't invest in it while it's on sale your effectively loosing oit on savings that for me, got past 175 euro from what I counted but probably well over 200 from what i didn't. 

I don't want to take this further off-topic, but I have to say that it still isn't free and that how good value PS+ is depends a lot on the person. It has horrible value for me, but it might work out very well for you.