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Hello everyone!

Maybe you know the problem: There are tons of indie games releasing on the Switch every day, but since there's no rating system in the shop and rarely reviews of those games online, it's getting hard to know if a game is good or not

That's the reason for this thread: Everybody who has played an eShop game and wants to rate and/or review it can post it into this thread. I will put the links to the reviews and the median value of the ratings into a second post, neatly sorted in alphabetic order so everybody can find the reviews of the games they like as fast as possible.

To rate the games, I suggest giving a value for your experience between 1-5, with:

5: very good, 4: good, 3: neutral, 2: bad and finally 1: very bad

Also, kindly give a second, separate rating for the multiplayer if the games has it. Having the same 1-5 rating system throughout the thread should make it easier to compare. It's certainly not perfect, but better than nothing, which incidentally is what we have right now.

You don't have to rate a game to post here, everybody is free to discuss the games rated here and to suggest improvements.

Any suggestions?

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 27 August 2018