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Soundwave said:
Switch VR

- 1080p display (cheap but high quality enough for decent VR).
- System is somewhere between 2x-3x a current Switch (new custom 7-10nm Nvidia Tegra Mariko)
- Comes with light weight, user friendly plastic face mask, designed by Nintendo for comfort. Can "switch" to augmented reality. Built-in gyro sensors and earphones for "HD Sound".
- Switch VR features new VR Joycons, tailored more to the VR experience (sensory feedback)
- No complicated setup or cables.
- $399.99 US

Software: Metroid Prime 4 (launch title), Luigi's Mansion 3 (optional), Mario Kart 9 (optional), Splatoon 2 VR DLC pack, ARMS 2, new Nintendo IP using VR.

Can play all existing Switch software and can be used as a regular Switch outside of VR applications. Summer 2020 release date.

$399.99 for Switch VR
$199.99 for regular Switch

I actually think that would work really well.

I like it, very grounded in reality. Based on my experiences with PSVR, 1080p would be perfectly fine for Nintendo style games.

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