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The VR patent was an eye raiser but not neccessarily a slam dunk for Nintendo + VR. But the news of a VR mode being uncovered by hackers in the Switch's very OS ... is certainly something I think one has to take seriously.

I think the OP is right. Nintendo is working on something VR related.

My personal guess is they started experimenting with VR for the Universal Studios Super Nintendo World theme park attraction and became impressed with what was being produced. Now they want to do VR for maybe something like Metroid Prime 4, Luigi's Mansion 3, or even Mario Kart 9.

I also think the whole "one Switch model with just minor revisions for a full 5-6 years" is an insanely outdated policy of the 80s/90s. No major hit consumer election product (whether its an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, PC, Playstation, or XBox) operates under that outdated product strategy anymore. Switch won't either if I had to bet. Mid-gen refreshes make a lot of money and PS4 Pro and XBox One X prove that they can co-exist just fine with the regular older models.