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The Forza Horizon series, at their core, are single player games with a bunch of social features. The other games you mentioned are built for co-op and PvP, also action games.

I've only played the original Destiny, for the most part that functioned fine as a single player game. You could complete every mission alone, but it would require some grinding to make it easier.

I haven't revisited Sea of Thieves since its launch window. But that felt very much like a social experience/experiment more than an actual game, which I expected.

The Division was horribly designed/balanced. Its impossible to play alone, enemies are ridiculously over powered, even with a full team it can be difficult and low player population has made it difficult to find a group. It amazes me Ubisoft still pushes that game without rebalancing the difficulty. I gave up on that game because I sick of boring grinding missions.

If Anthem functions well as a single player and co-op games, I'm open to that. Look at Left 4 Dead for example. The AI group was okay, but its an enjoyable game to play with randoms for the most part.

Sometimes games are fine just with some co-op modes. Like Horde Mode in Gears of War. Halo 5's firefight mode is also a blast. Have fun, grind for currency, buy crap, good stuff.

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