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Let's be clear. The Switch is stomping the PS4 because it's a handheld (hybrid=home+handheld, remember?), and handhelds have been stomping home consoles for years. The Japanese market is on the go, not in the living room.


Like I said before, it's no surprise that Nintendo did a hybrid. They needed a portable console if they wanted some success here. 

Then I am going to be clear as well. The Switch is as much a home console as it is a handheld. It is this exact dual nature form factor proposition to consumers that makes it attractive. The same could be said for the Japanese market, since they don't have to choose between two systems, but one that does both. It's not even me who says this, it is Nintendo themselves, within official statements and their own marketing.

The reason this argument is continuously put forward (that it is "just a handheld") is because it is an attempt to delegitimize the Nintendo Switch as direct competition to the PS4. They bring forward the handheld argument or the generational argument or both. These are false, deceptive and are counterproductive in a conversation about sales and prospects of these respective systems.

I have seem more Nintendo fans going on calling it one or the other depend on the situation to defend Switch (like if it could have all the positives from both sides but no negatives) than Sony or MS fans to criticize it. It is necessary to accept that it being hybrid it have the pro and cons of both and depending on what you like to play one will outweight the other to you.

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