OTBWY said:
SKMBlake said:

So you're saying your statement is partial, an excludes a competitor on purpose ("No one expects the PS4 to outsell the Switch"). That doesn't make any sense.


And you said PS4 is the one which will outsell its predecessor, so why do you compare the Wii U to the PS4 instead of the Switch, the successor of the Wii U ? 

Because he doesn't consider the Switch a home console (which it is by Nintendo's own words) most probably and keeps his argument to the age old arbitrary gen frame, which is funny since gens hardly mean anything after every other manufacturer has done hardware upgrades. Oh well, anything to fit the argument I guess. Let's pretend the Switch is not stomping the PS4 in Japan.

Let's be clear. The Switch is stomping the PS4 because it's a handheld (hybrid=home+handheld, remember?), and handhelds have been stomping home consoles for years. The Japanese market is on the go, not in the living room.


Like I said before, it's no surprise that Nintendo did a hybrid. They needed a portable console if they wanted some success here. 

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