If BF5 under performs (I don't think it will fail) it would be for a lot of other reasons than tEA and Dice pushing a political agenda.

The first and foremost reason would be battlefront 2 and the bad rep and stigma EA and Dice earned from that. No matter what Dice did with BF5 there would be some gamers who would never buy it or buy it at launch due to the microtransactions policies. EA has been pushing a lot of shit on consumers with their past few games and their rep hasn't been good lately. Battlefront 2 under performed and that lack of trust is hurting bf5. Heck I'm interested in the game but no way will I buy it at launch it near launch because I am worried about the games dlc policy.

There is also the face that this holiday season is very competitive with massive games. CoD, Red Dead, Fallout, Smash and Pokémon. Usually in a year when a BF game releases just one, or maybe two game outsell it. But there is a list of maybe 5 games that will most likely outsell it. Every holiday is competitive, but this year it's just a tad more so and it might hurt BF more.

Then there is also the reaction of EA to the controversy where they flat out started insulting anyone who didn't agree with them. Battlefield has been a marketing and PR nightmare.

Forgetting the controversy, the reveal trailer blowed ass. It was no where near the awesomeness of the bf1 trailer. And that certainly hurt the games appeal