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Illusion said:
Machiavellian said:

What conflict was there in North Korea.  They still have their bombs.  Nothing seems to be stopping them from making any more bombs.  Yes they destroyed test sites but then again, you do not need test sites anymore when you can make the bombs.  Nothing was done with NK, we did not get them to sign anything to remove their nukes from the playing field and since this has been an ongoing thing for decades, why has anything changed now.  As for Syria, they still have their civil war, the only thing is that russia is now their patron saint so the US has decided to move on.  I guess you can call that a win.

I give you record job growth and unemployment but then again its not like it wasn't steadily going in that direction before he came into office.  At least we can agree he didn't do anything to screw it up.  Why people keep throwing black people into this category as if lower unemployment would not be representative for all people in the US.

I am sorry but if you believe that cyber attacks isn't considered a military attack, you have no clue about how our world is run.  Every nation has a cyber attack squad because infiltration of information, disruption of financial, political and utility systems is a direct means to hurt anyone.  We were never close to WW3 but you definitely do not let any state sponsored attack on your nation be considered some off hand attack and ignore it.

A military attack is an act of war that absolutely constitutes a military response: between nuclear powers a direct military confrontation inevitably and rapidly escalates to nuclear war.  This is what made the cold war such a fearful time to be alive.  If you don't believe me just look at the buildings, music and culture back then, everybody was obsessed with fallout shelters, drills etc...

Like you said, cyber-attacks happen all the time and both private corporations, governments and individuals can carry them out.  A cyber-attack does not justify a military response and anybody who thinks that it does (especially against another nuclear power) does not belong anywhere near office.

As for Syria, please show me how ISIS still controls this region?  ISIS was the creation of Obama and the establishment Republicans because it was in their political interest to destabilize the middle-east.  Trump is no genius, he just took his foot off the neck of Syria and actually worked with Russia and Syria to eliminate the threat (instead of backing "rebels" who always turned out to be ISIS) and, guess what, the threat is now gone.  

Who cares about whether agreements have been signed with NK or not.  The tension in that part of the world is basically 100% gone, as opposed to the world war level tension that we had there a year ago.  We, of course, have the Clintons to thank for NK getting nukes in the first place seeing as how they gave the fissile material to North Korea so that the region could be another chess-piece for the globalists to destabilize at a later date.

The Democrats and establishment Republicans have been a bunch a demonic low-lives who routinely started wars and depressed their own people so that a tiny elite at the top can get off on turning the planet into a rotting trash-heap.  Make no mistake, the Democrats are worse than the Republicans which is why basically every billionaire minus Trump votes for them.  Trump is no magician, he is just somebody who isn't a complete monster who actually wants to make things better.  Just by ceasing the self-sabotage of the country and of the world-abroad, America and many regions of the world are now coming back with great vigor.  This is why everything is improving under his watch despite the media telling you that electing Trump would have resulted in an immediate economic collapse.  It really should just show you how absolutely hideous the establishment is and that you shouldn't trust a word they say. 

First it was not the US that beat back ISIS in the area, it was Turkey and Russia.  If anything, the US gave up the region to Russia and Bashar was kept in power.  Now with the US pretty much gone from the region, Bashar and his government is gaining control of the whole area without any resistance.  I guess you can call that winning.  You can claim that Isis was beat back but then you let another group just as vicious control the region and completely handed it over to Russia.

 I believe you are forgetting who started the tension with NK to begin with.  From my understanding it was yours truly President Trump.  The stage has not changed one bit, NK got the US off their back, got a promise that US troops will leave the area and they can keep their bombs.  If that is what you call winning than Trump could have just kept his mouth shut did absolutely nothing, move our troops out and we would still be in the same place as we are today.  We have tried and failed numerous times to get NK to denuclearize, not show up for a photoshoot, and basically get national recognition without giving up anything. As to blaming the Clintons on NK getting nukes where are you getting that information from.  Can you share that link.

Trump is in the same category as all the billionaires you seem to condemn.  He even stated during his run that he paid for favors.  Why would you believe from a serial liar and a person who is known to tell people what they want to hear all the time that anything has changed with him.  If anything he is one of the biggest crook out of any Dem or Republican.  Why would you believe Trump wants to make anything better that does not make him better.  In his 70 years, he has never did anything for anyone unless it made him either look good or he profited by it.  

I continue to wonder why there is this opinion that Trump is some just and altruistic person when he has never been such a person.  There is nothing in his business or personal life up to this point that shows he has been anything other than a greedy opportunist. I will not argue the point about seeing things improved under his watch as I have a totally different opinion.