zorg1000 said:
AlbiNecroxz said:

4 weeks in a row! US and Japan did very well, Europe not so much, it's the hardest market for Nintendo, indeed
Will the Smash Direct increase more and more Switch numbers?

I'm still doubting the Europe numbers, it just doesn't add up with Nintendo's own statements.

The Switch has very good momentum in the UK so I cant see how it wont have in the wider Europe since the UK is very pro PS4 and XBOX.

To give you an idea of the difference in adoption between the Wii U and the switch, I only knew one other person asides from myself who had a Wii U and I endured a fair amount of derision for not following the trend of buying the PS4 and XBox 1, I was sort of considered odd in the office ina friendly manner.

With the Switch, we are already 3 who own Switches in my direct team of 15 people and I know a fair number of people in the wider office planning to buy during the holidays. Infact I have become a go to person for recommending switch games in the office since many were aware I pre-ordered it for the launch.


I have to say though that a lot of people are planning to use it as a handheld. Someone actually asked me today if RDR 2 would be coming to the Switch, he wanted a portae version of it. LOL.