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That's not true for the most part and so typical of the left to color an opposing view that way. 🙀 Saying that male gamers are complaining about women in video games is a vast mischaracterization of the complaints. It's so the complaints don't have to be challenged on their own merit. It's a pathetic tactic to use. It's not about women in video games in any sense.

The battlefield games were the more realistic of the shooters and didn't have anything whacky in it. The complaints are about unrealistic things (like a british soldier with a katana on his back or a woman with missing limb replaced by a cybernetic limb being in battles) being added into the game for whatever reasons including the sjw ones.. The backlash is also about the response from the game devs to the complaints. It was idiotic to attack the fans and dismiss their complaints as sexism. People in general don't like to called uneducated or inferred to as sexists.