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Jumpin said:

This says a lot about how stupid a large portion of the American people are becoming.

On the bright side, despite the surge against the Euro during the Obama administration, Trump has successfully damaged the US dollar and brought it back down below 90 Euros since 2016, upped the inflation rate to the highest since 2007, enacted policy that dropped the wages of the middle class; and despite the US economy coming off of huge gains and increased stability coming off the Obama era - Trump's policies have seen US stock market has also been stall for the past 8 months, and ballooned US deficit to some of the highest levels in history thanks to his disastrous budget. On top of that, US environmental, educational, and foreign policy have become a disaster zone, thanks to Trump.

On dropping the unemployment rate - that happened between 2010 and 2017, Trump was only President for one of those years. Despite such low unemployment, Trump keeps digging the US further into debt at an accelerated rate.

The only thing Trump has been successful at is an anti-intellectual crusade.