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HollyGamer said:
potato_hamster said:
Lol at everyone who thinks that Sony should make a Playstation phone. There is zero need. It would only serve to lose them even more money on their mobile division.

Of course, many of the people advocating it just want Sony to make them their dream phone rather than actually focus on the logistics of developing such a expensive device only to appeal to such a limited audience.

Actually PS brand is wasted if it's just sitting on console platform. Sony need to learn from Apple 

Yeah. For sure. That's why Sony sold so many Vitas. Because it had the Playstation brand. Because putting the Playstation Brand on devices that people don't want to buy is good for a brand's image. That's why Nintendo brings up the Virtual Boy so much when talking about their product history,

The PlayStation brand is wasted by not putting "Playstation" branding on things that no one would consider to be "Playstations". A "gaming phone" would just be a new verison of the Xperia Play, and obviously run android. I'm not sure people are willing to put upwards of $700-$1000 towards a "gaming phone" that offers marginally better performance than an iPhone or Galaxy, likely uses extremely similar architecture, plays 99% of the same games, and maybe has a few exclusives. Because realistically, that's the phone you're getting.

People can dream of Sony developing an X86-based phone that plays PS4 games all they like. That's very clearly and obviously not happening. The technology isn't there at the pricepoint that people might actually buy the thing. Have you guys stopped and asked yourself how many Razer Phones they've sold, or how many ROG Phones Asus will sell? Does anyone honstly expect either of those to sell over 500K units? FIrst reports have the Razer sales at 45K units its first two months with the expectations to sell 250-300K units its first year. Do those look like the kind of numbers that would pique Sony's interest? Google isn't pleased with the fact that the Pixel *only* sold 4 million units in 2017, and that phone has far more mass appeal than any Playstation phone would have. Why should Sony put the investment in when the ROI is so tiny?

Last edited by potato_hamster - on 20 August 2018