TheMisterManGuy said:
haxxiy said:
They are a lot like Disney in some aspects. Think about how "mature Disney stuff" sounds to you now. Nintendo won't ever shake the deliberate family-friendly appeal IMO. To claim it is something that needs to be shaken, though, puts one in the mindset that games and gaming companies should be something else to be "better", no?

So kinda counterproductive to draw attention or make an issue of it really.

Not saying Nintendo isn't still family friendly. It's just that they're less insistent on being family only. Wii U era felt like they were trying to be as overly safe and sterile as possible. Switch era Nintendo is still friendly for kids, but they're not afraid to get a little dirty either. 

I wouldn't say that. Since N64 era Nintendo has tried to shed some of the 'Kiddy ' moniker they earned with varying degrees of success. The Wii U they published Bayonetta 1 and 2, even paid to have a model cosplay her in Playboy, they also tried supporting other titles like Devil's Third. It is just their opening market push was trash.