DialgaMarine said:
I don’t think so. If Wii U’s first Year third party lineup couldn’t do that, then Switch still has a long way to go imo. I think that stigma is more related to their in house work. Nintendo doesn’t make mature games, they make games that are fun for everyone, but are typically aimed at younger audiences. Every Nintendo console has had their share of mature games, even Wii, but Nintendo themselves don’t aim for that demographic, outside of Bayonnetta. And on a sales note. mature games aren’t selling well on Switch, especially compared to how well Nintendo’s own titles do, and how much better these titles sell on other systems when they’re multi platform.

Wii U actually supported the argument. It got a whole bunch of T & M rated 3rd party games in the first year and they all sold so bad that they stopped being released. After 2013, Wii U 3rd party retail support pretty much consisted of kid/family games.

Wii U stopped getting these type of games after about a year while Switch is ~1.5 years and is still getting games like Diablo, Warframe, Doom, Ark, Pillars of Eternity, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea

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