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remote play on Vita is cool enough... but still you're getting a 1080p image scaled down to 540p while everything is working absolutely as it would only really in a test lab, take a few steps from the machine if you're using adhoc or suffer a small off in your net connection and you're looking at image dropping to 240p at half frame rate, and the thing is.... while games for the 3DS do play at that resolution, the PS4 has no idea that you are viewing it on such a massively scaled down res, so text will not be a legible size at that resolution and gameplay of titles like Driveclub will absolutely suffer because things like snow cause massive artifacting on lower resolutions which the Vita dips to at times.

I'm not saying it's not a cool feature... but in comparison to a handheld like the Vita's native software or more powerful switch then the idea of tethering a handheld to another system to play games just doesn't do it for me, unless it's just for a feature like the phones net connection to play titles online while I've done a fair bit with the Switch in recent months.

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