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Heavenly_King said:

I would say they need a hybrid PS OS + Android OS.  Users wont buy if they cant have the apps they use on the device.

Few problems with that.

1. Android and Android Apps are built around ARM, PlayStation and PlayStation Software are built around X86.

2. Sony has proven they can't handle 2 OS's successfully with teams focused d on each. Having one platform with two OS's would be even more of a struggle.

3. It still has them selling a competitors product.


For these reasons I think Sony should just double down on 1 PlayStation Phone, that shares all assets with PS5. Give 100% focus to this Phone, and focus exclusively on the most core gamers who care about Games over apps. As long as they have a good Internet Browser, they can achieve everyhing Apps offer, and at a high quality most of the time.

Again, they don't need to focus on reaching 20, 50, 100, or 200 Million sales. They need to focus on making a Phone that is profitable and completely geared towards a specific audience. That is what they excel at. PlayStation 4 is just a closed garden PC that mainly focuses on Games and Entertainment. It is less than 1/10th the PC market in yearly sales, but it is earns them billions in profits each year. 

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