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S.T.A.G.E. said:


Nuvendil said:

Well first I didn't say the game specifically could be ported.  Now personally I think it could and do so rather well because while pretty, it's nothing special on a technical level.  Doom and Wolf 2 MASSIVELY outstrip World.  But there are enough background variables to make that not a sure thing, their engine may be limited in flexibility or not very well optimized. My point is that nothing actually done game design wise in World is beyond what the Switch could comfortably accomplish.  Shoot, this improvement could have been made on the PS360 if Capcom hadn't bowed out of the home console space with MonHun back then.  So even if World can't be ported, if Capcom wanted to they could create a very similar MonHun game for Switch.  It might not look as pretty but frankly if it hit the level of Xenoblade 2 (with better image quality) or Skyrim Special Edition, that would be a MASSIVE leap over *this*.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a Marvel for the switch, much like Zelda BOTW is. Monster Hunter World, while not a Marvel on other platform is one of the best attempts i've ever seen capcom make. This is why first party is so important. They should set the bar for how development is done on their specific platform. As for World...I think you're not giving Capcom a fair shake for clutching victory from the jaws of defeat.Id rather Capcom survive in general with a game that is appealing in this day and age. The amount of gamers theyve reached now is astonishing. Again....the FFVII effect. What accepting format did for FFVII...was accomplished by competitors elsewhere with MHW.

(please excuse my mistakes, i'm currently drinking)

Well I'm not saying World isn't a great game, but quality is irrelevant to the porting discussion, it's all about the tech and specs.  And it's not like MonHun was dying on Nintendo's platforms, Capcom just got caught with their pants around their ankles when the Switch succeeded, like many companies did.  Most or the sales issues sith Generations and XX come from the absolutely absurd milking the franchise got on 3DS.  And my lazy comments are in regards to their Switch efforts which is entirely accurate and warranted.

And I wouldn't say Xenoblade 2 is exactly a marvel.  It has some technical limitations and rough edges they could iron out.  I firmly believe that if they can get the engine a bit more polished up, the next game using that engine could bring the same visual feature set at 900p with a better handheld image quality as well.  My only point here is that Capcom could create a visually attractive MonHun with the World gameplay feature set on Switch.  They didn't HAVE to do this Generations Ultimate thing, they did this because it was cheap.