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JRPGfan said:

World is a game changer for it..... speak with your wallet, dont buy the "Generations Ultimate" version,
let them see what people want is a new World 2 game instead.

Easily said but 3 problems:

1, Capcom has more or less declared all their Switch games "tests" publicly, basically holding their library to ransom in order to try and bully Switch owners into buying the games they release by threatening to pull the franchise in question from the system in future

2, World lacks numerous features and monsters as the OP described, left out for no adequately explored reason so how do you send the message you want those back?

3, if someone wants a portable MonHun experience, this is the best there is by a mile sadly.  And the only opportunity really to show support for that.

zippy said:
So even though Ultimate is a bit more meaty with more monsters and gameplay options, you would pass because of it being visually weaker?

There's "visually weaker" and then there's "looking like an extremely low effort remaster of a PS2 game with consrant loading times breaking up the flow".  Compared to Xenoblade 2, Skyrim special edition, Breath of the Wild, and Super mario Odyssey , not only does it look two gens behind, it runs no better (and in the case of Odyssey markedly worse) with smaller open areas.  It's not hard at all to understand how this release fails to impress.