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Does the Switch support mouse + keyboard through the dock's USB port? I guess not since there's not even a browser on the thing, but what an oversight from Nintendo. SNES and N64 both had officially released mice. Wii kind of replaced it with the Remote interface. Then, there were quite a few official keyboards in the past. NES had an official one, so did N64, GameCube had one, and Wii had support for Logitech licensed ones. Switch has touch, but that is limited to portable mode, and it is not the same thing as using a mouse + keyboard. Granted it kind of defeats the concept of portability if you must be tethered, but I really can't imagine myself enjoying Diablo without that combo.


Oh, and joyous day to see Diablo on a Nintendo system. The planets must have aligned or something. Here's hoping there's confirmation of a Diablo 4 on all systems soon. It's been long enough and WoW interests me not at all.

Last edited by Helloplite - on 16 August 2018