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zorg1000 said:
ironmanDX said:
4 people on one switch? That's pretty cool.
You'll all be in each other's way probably but a great feature non the less.

Wait, i thought 4 on one Switch meant in docked mode and linking 4 Switchs together would be for undocked mode?

It does. You'd all just have to stay within the same screen as each other. Sometimes in high level nephilim runs, it's just not possible. You might need to kite a boss or a pack of champions that are smashing you. You'll die. If you're playing easy, there won't be many mobs to go around even though xp is shared, the person who gets the kill is rewarded the full amount and the rest of the party receives less.  I can't remember the percentage. I haven't played in a while.

The pros outweigh the cons but it's something to consider.