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I considered it, but honestly just went with emulation via PC hooked up to my main screens 42" TV and 130" Epson projector both at 1080p so really I just rather chill out on the couch with a huge screen rather than spend time blowing into carts and hauling out a huge ass CRT TV to play them, realistically the last SD TV I had was a Philips 32inch which was beautiful, but at the same time, having to at a point haul it up 2 flights of stairs... then when moving out back down again, I don't think I ever want to get a CRT screen, at 35 years old my back just isn't able to take hauling that around the place to game.


edit - was a little bit sad recently when I broke out a PS2, Time Crisis 2 and a bunch of other light gun games but found out that there is no way with my current setup to get them to function correctly... (the light gun does work if pointed towards the projector but obviously then you're in the way of the image and shooting the wrong way around.)

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