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So in the comments section of a women's lib. site that I frequent (boo, hiss), there's always a certain men's rights guy who has things to say about every article. (Invariably supportive. )He's annoying, but tolerated because he aspires to comment in good faith. But recently there has been another one who specifically describes himself as a MTGOW (online shorthand for "men going their own way") activist who seems to be obsessed with letting all the women and male allies there know that he has "gone his own way" as a man, i.e. given up sex with women (other than perhaps sex slaves anyway), and that we accordingly cannot sexually access him. As if any of us want to.

Things got pretty ridiculous after a while. He started claiming that the site owner was "censoring" him even though she claimed that all his posts had been published (guess who I believe) and he eventually announced that he was leaving in protest, at which point rejoicing ensued. Many hours later, he eventually had to be forced to follow through on that pledge through the moderating process because he kept attacking the site owner. The whole affair was quite stupid.

The hypocrisy of it all was lost on no one. The guy claimed to be a male separatist, but felt the need to troll a feminist web site anyway. Be a separatist! Go your own way! Comment on your own spaces! You see what I'm getting at here? Why is it important for radical women (including many lesbians) to know, and to be tirelessly reminded again and again, that we cannot have sex with you when none of us asked to? Or even wanted you there? Even the other MRA guy, the regular, couldn't help but find him absurd.

I understand we have some MTGOWs here is why I ask. Help me understand this, people! Why would a male separatist feel the need to (pardon the pun) insert himself into a site for self-described radical feminist women for the sole purpose of announcing, repeatedly, that he is not sexually available to us? I'm asking our resident MTGOW guys in particular.