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Some of you might know Belgium because of Tintin, Stromae, their amazing Footbal Team or the fact it was artifically created by catholic Frenchmen with delusions of grandeur.

It's also a nation where children, now, can be euthanized if they choose to do so.

Really - as long as sound of mind, you can indeed make the decision yourself. Some children as young as 12 have been euthanized.

At the same time, the age of consent in Belgium is 16.

Is it just me, or... there is something rotten in the Kingdom of Belgium here? Apparently, (their own) death is a easier concept for children and teenagers to grasp than sex.

This is not about whether euthanasia should be legal or not, or what the ideal age of consent should be, just about proportionality and what seems like a complete failure of common sense.

So, what do you think?