tak13 said:
Farsala said:

And PS4 was revealed as 81.2m. With 525.3m total. I would guess PSV is on the lower end of that estimate as well (But its still selling). PS3 could be 88-90 tbh.

Check this : https://www.neogaf.com/threads/sony-playstation-home-console-shipments-reach-370-million-worldwide-data-inside.1023022/

Doesn't really tell us much more than we already know.

Known sales PS3 at 74.1m

Known sales PS2 at 155.1m

Unknown sales PS2+ PS3 at 16.5m.

If you estimate PS2 at 156.5m or 157.5m, then that means PS3 sold >89.2m or >88.2m as of March 31 2015. However the PS3 didn't end shipments until October 2016 for USA and ~May 2017 for Japan.

So either the PS2 sold ~160m or the PS3 sold quite a bit more than we think.