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NightlyPoe said:
Eagle367 said:

See. You can't do it. You skipped the part where I said name one thing Israel did deliberately but you just called it the condition of war. You're using excuses for Israel that you won't use for Palestine. Your bias is shining like the sun. You don't seem to realize that Israel doesn't live in a bubble. There are consequences to drastic action and if Israel just jumped in and conquered all of Palestine all at once, there'll be a lot of enemies willing to wage war on it. That's why it's doing it slowly. And it has no empathy for Palestine I can tell you that and I don't see Israel seeing palestinians as anything other than subhuman. You're blaming an occupied land for fighting for it's land and resources and freedom. If there's no pushback from Palestine, Israel can do whatever the hell it pleases. Most people think Israel is to blame and the reason it's still going on isn't because most people are wrong, it's because the world as a whole hasn't really done anything to stop it. There are no sanctions on these countries. Israel is getting tons of weaponry still. Israel continues to increase it's illegal settlements. Maybe Israel is being too cautious. Maybe they can conquer Palestine and we still won't do anything. Because hamas is no threat to Israel and it's "self defence force". The IDF is far more advanced and just needs an excuse like Hamas to further their agenda and propaganda

You actually didn't ask me to name something Israel did wrong.  You only asked me to acknowledge that they had.  Which I did.  I will also acknowledge that American soldiers committed crimes during WWII or any other war.  No army filled with armed young people in the heightened state of conflict is going to be pristine.

However, the state of conflict exists because of Palestinian hate.  If Israel were to be left to live in peace, the state of war would cease to exist and neither side would commit them.  The overall blame, thus, remains on the aggressors.

And the last part of your post really just constitutes its own combination of paranoia and propaganda.  You do the Palestinians a disservice excusing their behavior that, in the end, mostly hurts them.  But that is the world we live in.

We've been at this for a while. I feel like we are going in circles. Although your confidence as if you live in the minds of israelis and see their desire for peace and the minds of Palestinians and their supposed hate doesn't really make much sense to me. Also putting the blame on the young soldiers instead of their command for both US and Israel is also unsettling to me. I feel as if you're so ingrained to look at it from an Israeli perspective, it makes me think you are from there. While looking at palestinians through this single, one dimensional, almost cartoonish lens is also not helping your arguments. I feel like we've both done poorly to convince the other of anything. I end this by going back to the point I started with- I just want the war, oppression, death, poverty and hate to end no matter if plaestine is left standing or Israel or neither of them. There's been enough bloodshed on both sides and enough hate and enough resentment. There's a saying in my country which roughly translates to: " You can'' clap with one hand." And it basically means something wrong doesn't happen one-sidedly. That's all I have to say and I think we should end this discussion with one final reply 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also