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I don't know. I alwaysd had the dream of becoming an author. So in 2011 I quit my job and decided to follow that dream. I had some rough years in the beginning for sure. But in the end I did it. I'm not famous or anything, but I get by quite well, I write for newspapers, magazines and I get paid to play video games and write about them. I even wrote some scripts for TV ads! I alwas love it when I buy a magazine and can read my own name under an article. That's what I have been dreaming of for years and it is now a reality.

I didn't stop dreaming though. Right now I'm working to get my first novel published. I think that's doable. Would I have never decided to follow my dreams, I would most likely be flippin' burgers at Mc Donald's until this very day. I mean I was really great at that job. But I wasn't happy. I really don't see anything wrong with following your dreams. Sure, it doesn't always work. But even if you fail, at least you know that you tried and gave it your best shot. If you never try it, you'll never know if you could have succeeded. Like that girl I absolutely adored in school but never had the balls to tell it to her. Maybe I would have married her, if I had just tried. But I will never know.

Official member of VGC's Nintendo family, approved by the one and only RolStoppable. I feel honored.