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It's not happening, none of it. A lot of people said; "wait one year", "the PS4 had a weak lineup for the first two years", etc.

But right now E3 just flew by with 90% of the newly shown multiplats not hitting the Switch. That's the reality of the situation...the Switch will never get good AAA third party support, just like the Wii U. Games not only need to be graphically compressed heavily in order to run on the system, but in turn the size of the game needs to be pretty low (max 16GB) as carts with higher memory are much more expensive, and it's deeming impossible to fit ambitious games like DOOM and Wolf 2 without also requesting for the stock unit's storage which is really low as well (32GB), meaning people have to buy additional memory cards to add extra space. The games running worse sure is a deal breaker for some people, but they are usually $60 which is absolutely ridiculous- so in other words, in conjunction with memory cards, owning a Switch for these types of games (+maybe wanting to get a pro controller) can be expensive as hell. So there's a fistful of reasons why AAA third-party support isn't easily achievable like on other current gen systems, and the only solution is for Nintendo to pay third-party developers because they simply already have a goldmine with the PS4, Xbone and PC; and can comfortably ignore the Switch, similarly to the Wii. The Switch is simply too primitive to handle modern day's takings. This is why I never understood why Nintendo won't market the Switch as a 3DS successor. The only home console games it gets is Nintendo's first-party offerings, the third party support is pretty much identical to the 3DS'; it just so happens that the Switch can just about handle some modern AAA third-party games with enough downgrading, unlike the 3DS at the time. If Nintendo did this they sure would get a lot less shit and complaints from fans.