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HandofPrometheus said:
JWeinCom said:
Dunno why so many people feel it necessary to come in just to say that they're not interested. Plenty of people obviously are. If you're not one o them, move on.

Anyway, I'm guessing there will be a new character, and probably a couple of echoes. Gonna predict Spring Man, Dixie (echo), and Ms. Pac Man.

There's so many echo fighters they can choose it's crazy. I'm hoping for a Pokemon Trainer one. I don't know which generation character they would use but it would be awesome.

I think Pokemon Trainer would be kind of difficult to do cause they'd have to find an echo for all three of them.  Can't really think of one for all three.


I think Ms. Pacman is a definite.  Shadow is possible.  Chrom for Ike.  Maybe Ken for Ryu. Gooey for Kirby?  Those are the ones that jump out to me.