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GoOnKid said:
axumblade said:

As of now, Nintendo are just saying it's delayed until 2019. I would hope it wouldn't get delayed much longer. It's a platformer, not an action RPG so it shouldn't take nearly as long as KHIII has taken. If they did turn it into an RPG, maybe I'd be willing to wait past 2019 for it lol.

Granted, turning Yoshi into an rpg is unlikely, I guess. Added Yoshi to the list.

DonFerrari said:

Your wording and unwilling to accept others seeing the value of Labo a less than 80USD.

Whatever, dude. We have a thread for that where all of us already discussed that topic to death. No need to repeat that here.

Yes sure, that is why you didn't put that in the OP right?

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