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One is a no for streaming.

Two I would agree with under three different methods. A Switch Pro that works like the NEW 3DS, where some games would be only for the pro as far their Switch version goes would work. Mainly newer 3rd party multiplats would do this. All Nintendo 1st party games and lower budget games would still work on OG model as well. Another possibility is a supplemental compute device in a new dock, but that might make some games docked only and defeat the hybrid purpose. And the last way it could work is release a new console akin to the PS5 when it comes out, kill off 3DS officially, make Switch a handheld that can also connect to the TV. Of the 3, the last is the best solution for number 2.

Number 3 is my personal fav of your solutions, and the most practical given what Nintendo's main focus seems to be. This may work itself out though, without Nintendo needing to do anything however. Panic Button is already capitalizing on the Switch's success. It is only a matter of time before other potential port companies join the fray for their cut, which would give us more 3rd party games as a result.

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