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omarct said:
Amnesia said:

I have included in red some low prediction for a less than 19M (18,88) fiscal year 2018 for Nintendo.

Here we can see that the Switch still hold done well against the PS4 even starting with one Q3 less.

So you are comparing the switch with the wii and thats how you came up with that 2.5 10.5 4 million number? Yet ignore that the wii started the year with a strong 5.1 and 4.9 million while the switch is starting with 1.8 million. I know pokemon and smash are popular but 10.5 seems a tad farfetched. We will see I guess but I would be willing to bet money it will be much lower than that.

We will see :)
I even think they can do 11+ for this Q3.
They will make an insane marketing for SSBU with people dancing in the street in New York and so...and trailers every weeks from October.
This was already planned for a while that Nintendo wanted to deliver as much as they could on the first year, and hold with the strict minimum for the 6 first months of 2018 (not fiscal but real year). September is almost here already. We will see massive marketing* for Mario Party, Pokemon and SSBU. And this will work as usual.

*marketing is the key here : with the money they got with Labo and Mario Kart Dx which costed nothing, they have enough for powerfull marketing.

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