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Hey, look at that! I got a remark! :D

Simply put, it was bad.
Not awful. Just bad.

The only reason it's not awful is because Switch is a success.
If it wasn't - and it wasn't expected to be when last year and this year's line-up was being planned - people wouldn't too happy about it.

Quantity and diversity are important when buying a console, but the main reason are those big titles.
And this year you'll have one (Smash) and another one that is not garanteed to be a big title (Pokémon).

So, again, Nintendo needed more titles for this year (not less as we saw).
I don't know nearly enough to talk about sales, but from what i have been Reading, the latest HW numbers were a let down. They also show that the hybrid concept alone isn't enough to sell big numbers.

I said it before and i'll say it again: Nintendo mismanaged the release Schedule. Period. Had the Switch been just a moderate success and this would be even more clear.
Last year, when i started questioning Nintendo's reveals, i was accused of being pessimistic, of not seeing the facts and how Nintendo operates.
It seems that time showed that Nintendo did not learn from all it's mistakes, after all.